Cody Greene

Director of At-Risk Programming

Cody Greene is Director of At-Risk Programming for Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute which oversees the Aiken Creek Treatment and Training Program, New Horizons Family Center, and Youth Development Centers (YDC) at Camp Long and Camp Ghigau. Prior to this position, Greene was the Director of W.W. Long Leadership Center in Aiken, SC, which is home to the Youth Development Center, a unique programming partnership between Clemson's Youth Learning Institute and the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice that offers residential programming to low risk, non-violent juvenile offenders.

Greene has worked with at-risk youth in camp settings for more than 15 years. He is experienced in operating alternative school programs as well as adventured-based experiences for diverse youth and adult populations. Greene is nationally certified to train in non-violent crisis intervention and is trained to deliver StrengthsFinder.